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Repchuk wisdom
Dave and I met in 1992, and in October of 1992 he moved from Vancouver, BC where he left his job as Senior Manager for Computer Associates/ACCPAC International to become a partner in Bravo Software Group, located in Burlington, Ontario. A discovery we will never regret.

We were married June 11, 1994, and had 3 kids, back-to-back, in June 1995, June 1996, and June 1997. Needless to say running a company, and taking care of 3 toddlers became quite a handful. Not to mention the toll it took on my mind and body. So in 1997 I started to step back from my position as President and let Dave run the company. I moved everything I needed home, and set up an office where I would do whatever I could between naps, diapers and feedings.

Then came the moment where all the kids were in Montessori, and it was time for me to return, but to what? I was no longer interested in software, so I decided to excavate and discover what I really wanted to do with the rest of my life.

Because Dave and I have always done most things together, from him joining me at Bravo, to our creation of DOCNOT - Dynamic Optimism Cultivating New Opportunistic Thought - a philosophy of actualization, art and poetry, to InnerSurf and the publishing company, to LuggageLizards, it became only natural to include our children as they became interested.

With LuggageLizards at concept and design, we included and consulted them in the planning stages, and it resulted in them wanting to be more involved in everything we did. Kennedy wanted to read the manuscripts that came in for submission, and it seemed logical, what do I really know about what makes a good children's book. Celeste started to comment on illustrations. Recommending changes, additions, or an outright scrap because it didn't fit.

So all of this family togetherness resulted in a theory. We set out to be the "Brady Bunch" of our era. Only this time the players aren't actors, they're real. A real family, living life, loving life, and learning from it. All for everyone to see. Whether it be on a travel show that documents our trips, to the promotion of goods we use, from cleaners, cars, computers, toys, games, food, stores etc, we have launched ourselves as the family seal of approval.

If you are a company looking for a new marketing campaign, from print, to TV, radio or live promotion, contact InnerSurf International to make an appointment or submit your proposals. Tracy who is a writer, screen writer and marketing specialist, can in addition, help you to maximize your outcome.

We welcome you on our journey - and hope that if we can shed any light about the workings of family, children, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, parents, wife, husband, then we are grateful you have chosen us to be part of your life.

Let us help you get where you are going!
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