Celeste Repchuk
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Celeste wisdom
Celestial Repchuk - Born June 21, 1996 in Burlington, Ontario

Celeste is a heavenly body as her name suggests. She instantly loves, has a strong intuitive connection, and expresses herself through art and design. Celeste is the artistic director along side her father for illustrations, and cover designs for the Children's division of InnerSurf Publishing. She reviews all children's book artwork for appropriateness, location and type.

Celeste created her first picture book at the age of 6, and uses her innate spirituality to tell powerfully vivid tales of courage and joy. Celeste attended Burlington Montessori private schools from age 3 until she transferred to Kilbride Public School. Recently she moved to Toronto to be closer to the auditions and the Church of Scientology, and has now just completed another move to Los Angeles, California to be in the heart of the industry and attend Celebrity Centre Church of Scientology.

  • Celeste is represented by McDonald Selznick and is available for commercials, TV, print and movies.

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    Commercials and TV:
  • AWHL PSA (Assaulted Women's Helpline) SOC Canadian National
  • Take this House and Sell It

    Short Films
  • Soccer Life "Red Card" - Nike - Principal - Quinn & Cashman
  • Check out Soccer Life

    Print Ads & Modeling:
  • Yellow Pages Principal Billboard/Internet/Print - National
  • Roots Canada Principal Print Ad/Poster See samples

  • Second City - Improv and Characterization Training
  • Beaches School of Dance
  • Acting for the Camera Instructor: Mille Tom
  • Audition Workshop Canadian Actors Symposium Instructors: Brian Levy, Anne Tait, J. Stefoff, Mille Tom
  • Member and student of the Great Big Theatre Company
  • TV Pilot Video training S&S Productions
  • TV Pilot Video training Cullen Robertson Productions

    Find out more from this personal interview with Celeste.

    Scientology Courses completed:
  • Communication Course
  • Personal Efficiency - Part I and II
  • How to use a dictionary
  • Basic Study Manual
  • Honesty and Ethics
  • The Way to Happiness
  • Dianetics Seminar Graduate
  • Postulates Seminar Graduate
  • Cause of Suppression
  • How to Improve Relationships

    Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International
    Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International